Royal Philatelic Society London

The Royal Philatelic Society London

The Royal Philatelic Society London, the oldest philatelic society in the world, was established in 1869 as The Philatelic Society, London, in the United Kingdom.

The Royal Philatelic Society London,
41 Devonshire Place,
London W1G 6JY

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7486 1044
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7486 0803

Registered Charity No. 286840
Open 9-30am-5pm Monday – Friday

The Society’s Aims

The principal objects of the Society are:

1. To promote, encourage and contribute to the advancement of the science and practice of philately.

2. To inform members of the Society on all matters affecting any of its objects by meetings, discussions, displays, lectures, correspondence or otherwise; to assist and carry out philatelic research, and to print, publish and issue such papers, periodicals, books, circulars or other literary matters in support of these objects.

3. To hold, either alone or jointly with others, promote, or subscribe, or assist with international or other philatelic exhibitions in the UK or elsewhere, and to offer and award prizes, medals or other recognition in connection with such exhibitions or for any literary work connected with philately.

4. To establish and maintain a library and collections of stamps, designs, proofs, essays and other articles of interest relating to any of the objects of the Society.

Congratulations to RTWPS

We want to say congratulations to – the Royal Tunbridge Wells Philatelic Society for being the first Society to take up our offer of a full and detailed listing.

If you’re in the Kent area, they have some great exhibitions and are a very friendly and professional group. We’ve attended a few of their events and are always impressed by the attention to detail of their members.

Hungarian Philatelic Society of GB (UK)

Short Description:

HPSGB – Philatelic Society for Collectors of Hungarian Stamps


The Hungarian Philatelic Society of GB (UK)


The Hungarian Philatelic Society of Great Britain (HPSGB) was formed in 1953 to foster interest in and promote Hungarian Philately and Postal History. They currently have many members, m

ostly in the UK, but also overseas. They meet twice per year, usually in Thame.

There is a well-respected society magazine which covers a spectrum of members’ interests, from discu

ssion of new discoveries and reviewing of old ones, and reporting of society matters. There is also a library of specialist books and publications, and they run an auction to which members can contribute material.

Members also benefit from the circulation of club packets with both stamps and postal history

Royal Tunbridge Wells Philatelic Society

Short Description:

Promotes knowledge and understanding through the study of philately in Tunbridge Wells in Kent, in the UK.

The Royal Tunbridge Wells Philatelic Society

The The Royal Tunbridge Wells Philatelic Society was founded in 1945, and has had and continues to provide outstanding programmes on a monthly basis throughout the year.

You can see their full programme on


Ian Marshall T: 01892 525780

Programme Secretary:
Lis Clare T: 01892 527587

Meetings are held at 7:30pm on the second Thursday of each month, at Christ Church, High Street, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1UT launches to showcase UK Stamp Clubs and Philtelic Societies.

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