Hampshire Philatelic Federation

Hampshire Philatelic Federation

The Hampshire Philatelic Federation exists to support and advance the interests of all philatelists in Hampshire and neighbouring counties who are members of Clubs and Societies affiliated to the Federation.

The Federation Yearbook is published bi-annually with an annual update included in the January edition of the Bulletin. The Bulletin is issued in January, April and September. It contains details of Society Programmes, Fairs, Auctions, and Events occurring in the area, and is the main channel of communication between the Federation and Society members. Details of dealers that trade throughout Hampshire are included by means of adverts, and articles of general interest to stamp, cover and postal history enthusiasts are contributed from many sources in an exciting and readable format.

The Federation operates an excellent and popular Stamp Approval Packet which is circulated to all club and society members of good standing on a regular basis. Each packet usually contains about twenty books of worldwide stamps with plenty of variety.

The Federation Council is made up of delegates from the affiliated societies and meets regularly during the year to exchange ideas for the promotion of our hobby. These meetings provide an important opportunity for societies to voice the opinions and views of their members. See What a stamp club could do for you for the benefits of society membership.

The Federation has established an excellent reputation in the UK philatelic scene and provides active input to the Association of British Philatelic Societies. Each year the Federation holds a Convention – HAMPEX, which brings together dealers, specialist societies, and collectors from near and far.