Kent Federation of Philatelic Societies (K.F.P.S)


1) K.F.P.S. Objectives and Activities.

The Kent Federation of Philatelic Societies was founded in 1947 and for your information we list our objectives and activities

The Kent Federation of Philatelic Societies is an informal association of Twenty Two Philatelic Societies, Clubs & Groups based in Kent.

It was founded with the following objectives
• To bring all of the Philatelic Societies in Kent into closer co-operation with one another.
• To provide them with assistance and/or guidance on philatelic matters.
• To further the interests of philately in a friendly and understanding atmosphere.
• To take united action on matters of philatelic importance.
• To co-ordinate lists of speakers and competition judges.
• To disseminate news of philatelic events, society meetings, members’ views, successes and plans for the future.

We accomplish our objectives in the following ways
• We arrange for three Kent wide meetings annually in which all our affiliated Societies and everyone can participate – these are known as the Spring Rally, Federation Day and the Autumn Rally. These as a matter of policy are held in various parts of the county each year.
• Our news magazine, the KFPS Bulletin, is published three times a year and keeps our affiliated societies in touch with what is happening at local, county & national levels.

The Kent Federation of Philatelic Societies, in turn, relies on the local societies and many individuals contributing towards its success – in other words, membership is mutually beneficial.

Why not ask for more information by contacting David J Rennie (K.F.P.S. Hon. Secretary) on
Phone : 020 8778 7001 or by e.mail on