Stamp Exhibitions

There are several major stamp exhibitions in the UK every year, and others that come up more infrequently. Here we’ll mention some of the major exhibition.


2009 Spring 25th to 28th February
Display Cricket in Philately

2009 Autumn 16th to 19th September
National Competitions

2010 Spring 24th to 27th February
Display by South African Collectors Society

2010 Autumn 15th to 18th September

London 2010 – London 2010 Festival of Stamps

London 2010: Festival of Stamps is a year long programme of exhibitions, events and activities to mark the centenary of the accession of George V, the philatelist king.

The festival includes a major international stamp exhibition at the Business Design Centre, Islington for stamp collectors.

The British Postal Museum & Archive is co-ordinating wider festival events and activities at venues across London.